Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lars and the Real Girl

So I saw a movie the other night that I really loved, and I just wanted to recommend it, because it's one that looks very weird at first glance. It's called Lars and the Real Girl (you can find the trailer at Anyway, its about a guy with delusional disorder who's had some difficult things happen to him in life and he ends up ordering a "girlfriend" online (who is really a life-size doll.) The whole town supports him in his recovery process and treats her as a real person to try to help Lars overcome the delusion; it really is a beautiful thing. It's a very quirky, and very sweet movie. I feel like it is profound because its only by the grace of God that we're not all in Lars' position of being too afraid to be hurt and resorting to delusions to maintain our sanity. Although we don't have pretend girlfriends (as far as I know), we all have our own things that we hide behind and keep from taking risks out of fear and are held back from being the people that God created us to be. Just throwing it out there.

Jeannie Ross
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Patrick Roberts said...

just saw Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling did a great job playing out his character's psychological transitions... it was nice of them to leave out the predictable small-town drama as well