Friday, March 7, 2008

Art of Politics 2008 Bonus Competition

So, speaking of dangerous art, your chance to run with scissors is here now!

I can't think of anything much more dangerous than:

-Dabbling in the arena of propaganda
-Commodifying your art by seeking a cash prize
-Juxtaposing your faith with your politics

The Art of Politics political poster contest caught my eye recently. I checked out the entries so far, and was saddened by the majority of them. I asked, is this really the length and depth of our country's political conversation and creativity? Surely, it cannot be. I tried really, really hard to think of what I would make, and I came up more cynicism. See?

So, the question is, can you do what I cannot? It will involve conversing with a crowd that perhaps you feel no sympathy for. You may need to walk where your art angels fear to tread. You may not want to trifle with this, because you belong to a greater Kingdom. Or, you may feel burned by politicians who have used your Good Lord's name to gain political power. I challenge you, if you feel so superior, to please enlighten the masses.

What we're looking for:
-Neither cynicism nor fideism.
-Concensus building rather than polarization.
-Forward thinking; not wallowing in the past.

My pet project, Click Patron, is sponsoring a bonus competition to the Art of Politics 2008 poster contest. That means you enter their contest, and once you let Click Patron know, you're entered into a bonus competition. The grand prize is $200! Find out the gory details here.

Click Patron's mission is to encourage emerging artists with cash assistance among other things.

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