Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Operating Instructions" by Anne Lamott: Hilarious required reading

Hey y'all, it's Charity. I am three chapters into Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott and I am already declaring required reading for... I don't know who. People who are pregnant or parenting or people who know people who are those things. Or people who like hilarious and poignant authors like Anne Lamott.

I picked up the book because I want to devour anything she's ever written and I just can't get over how wonderful it is already. How many authors write about giving birth and include the fact that while they were pushing they squeezed out a little poo on the birthing table? She is just way too honest and funny. And such a master of words. I keep reading this paragraph over and over, even though I am nowhere near the situation of a single, poor, pregnant, recovering alcoholic:

"So I am often awake these days in the hours before dawn, full of joy, full of fear. The first birds begin to sing at quarter after five, and when Sam moves around in my stomach, kicking, it feels like there are trout inside me, leaping, and I go in and out of the aloneness, in and out of that sacred place."

Read it!

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Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

I love Anne Lamott's story telling and this book as well as her others - Thoughts on Faith, etc.
With my own five kids in tow, my heart and writing often turn to children. . .
Cornelia Seigneur - West Linn