Saturday, February 9, 2008

Live! From my parent's basement!

First, thanks to Josh and Jan for inviting me onto this blog. That was very cool of them.

Some people make fun of blogs, like the people at the store where I work, who ask me "Done any blogs lately?" and then laugh like I'm an idiot.

The important thing is to see blogs as they are. Blogs are not actual media outlets. They are the thoughts of one or more people on a wide array of topics, like glorified diaries. They can be horribly self-absorbed piles of tripe, or they can be insightful and entertaining. Knowing Imago (and Jan and Josh in particular), this will be one of the latter.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. My name is Jordan, and I'm a blogger. That's me above, before I stopped smoking in early January. I also edit the Burnside Writers Collective web magazine and it's bastard son, the Burnside Writer's Blog.


jan7280 said...

jordan this is the best you've ever looked, my words are true, you just said i was full of great insight

Josh Butler said...

i told you to stop stealing my picture w/o my permission! geez!

Stefan said...

Good Job! :)